VCR #5 Presentation

Rhea Parikh

Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word from lesson 5

The _________ in the television series the Office has made it one of the most popular comedy shows.
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Definition: Lightness in speech or behavior, especially unbecoming jocularity; frivolity.

Part of Speech: noun










Roots: Levity comes from the Latin word Levis, meaning "light (in weight)."

Important Facts

  • Most dictionaries give a second definition for the word levity- "lightness in weight." This definition, however, is very uncommon because in scientific usages the words buoyancy (applied to objects in water) and and density (applied to the objects when they're weight) are used instead.
  • Another important fact to remember is that the gravis ("heavy") is the Latin antonym for levis ("light"); the word gravity comes from gravis.
  • Therefore, the opposite of levity is gravity because gravity is what causes objects to have weight and levity is lightness in weight.

Choose the letter of the sentence in which the word in bold is used incorrectly.

A. Growing up in a strict and serious family, Sam's jokes were the only source of levity in his house.

B. While Alex waited for her brother to get our of surgery, she tried to add levity to her conversations in hopes to ease the tension.

C. The levity at the funeral was evident by the gloomy atmosphere.

D. Since Jane was terrified by horror movies and bored by romance movies, she only watched comedy movies that were filled with levity.

The correct answer is C because "levity" does not fit with the context