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May 22, 2016

Greetings from First Grade!

Can you even believe we are flying through yet another month? Our time together in first grade will fly now that we are down to 20 more days. Hold on tight and fasten your safety's an amazing ride!


We are moving into the third week in UNIT 13 in FUNDATIONS. We are focussing on inflected endings (s, es, ing, ed). We are also continuing with our work on multisyllabic words. As always, we are continuing to explore new vocabulary through words of the day and adding to our increasing list of trick words. We will finish the week off with a Unit 13 test. Please remind your student to not only complete his/her Fundations HW, but to remember to pass it in on Friday.


Currently we are working on word problems that involve both addition and subtraction. Students are expected to underline the question being asked and circle all important information that will lead to the solution. Students are also working on solving for the unknown addend in the word problems. Please know that students are guided through this process and given support along the way when needed.


In our new science kit we are exploring seeds and plants. We have been putting our green thumbs to the test with various plantings. So far, so good! We will continue working with these plants to learn about the life cycle of plants. We have had success with all of our plantings: grass, brassica and wheat. Way to go gardeners!

Realistic Fiction Writing

Students are working furiously on creating amazing realistic fiction stories. They are creating characters and adventures galore. We have been reading and discussing several realistic fiction series which have certainly helped to spark interest. We look forward to publishing and sharing our own book series with you at the end of the year. Please stay tuned... Writers at work!

things to look forward to...

Field Trips May 27th: Rhode Island Resource Recovery Center

June 2: URI Learning Landscapes

June 10: Planetarium

Walk-a-Thon: May 26th during PBIS time

We are only a few lego compliments away from reaching our 100th compliment. We are all very excited about this AMAZING accomplishment. We will want to honor and celebrate in a special way. I will be in touch regarding exactly how we recognize this great accomplishment. I will of course need your support and permission before doing anything with the class. Right now thoughts are a pizza party? popsicles and extra recess?

So many awesome little time.