The Fascinating Giant Clam

By Sean Manole

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Wow! did you know that the Giant Clam can weigh up to 500 pounds? This unique clam, native to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, has an interesting diet, habitat, and life cycle.

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This is a picture of my awesome creatures habitat

Take a peek at these interesting videos

The Secrets Of The Giant Clam part 1: Introduction and Larval Movement
Monsters of the Deep
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This is a baby Giant Clam . It is located at the Raymie's Zoo

Now that you have read my website, test your knowledge with this quiz

These are Outstanding pictures of the Great Barrier Reef . This is the amazing reef where the Giant Clam can be found!!!!!!!

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My Diorama

In school, we made these Beautiful Dioramas displaying our topic animal and other sea creatures that live in its habitat. The animals in it include my topic, a Great White Shark, A Blue Whale, A Clown Fish, A Swordfish, A Swordfish, A Starfish, and A Barracuda

Go Fish

For are activity, I chose a 20 gallon tank, with 9 fish, 3 filter cartridges, and awesome decorations. The fish I bought were 7 Female Fancy guppies, 1 Red Tail Shark, and 1 clown fish. The amount of water that is needed to support my fish is a 20 gallon tank. I used up 17 inches of space.