2nd Grade Gazette

November 14, 2014

Reading News

This week we wrapped up our opinion writing about the continents and started working on our Native American Research projects. The students will participate in a shared research project and collaborate with partners. As a final project, the students will create audio recordings, add visual displays and report on their tribes with their partners. In addition, they will also have the opportunity to create a Native American artifact.

Word Work/Spelling

Next week we will start working on words that have -al in them.
When a word ends in –al, the vowel makes the schwa (uh) sound.
Some examples are:

central, final, metal, animal, fatal, normal, petal, dismal, equal, annual, royal, call, walnut, almost, false, already, salt, fall, almond, mall, malt, also, altogether, animal, bald, walrus.


Did you know there are 549 words with this sound?!!

**Check out the Spelling City Link below! Students can enter their Spelling words and play games with them!**

Calendar of Events..... 11/26, 11/27, 11/28-No School -Thanksgiving

Bundle Up!

It has gotten VERY cold, please make sure your child has a coat, hats and gloves! Thank You!