Australia and Oceania

Interesting Areas


-50% of rivers go inland and form saltlakes in Australia

-Australia moves north about 7 centimeters a year

-River Murray is Australia's longest river

-10 deserts make up about 20% of Australia, like Great Victoria and Great Sandy

-20,000 to 30,000 islands in Oceania

Popular Places and Areas

-Great Barrior Reef

-Sydney Opera House

-Easter Island, with famous statues known as moai


-Australai is mostly desert and grassland, with temperate and tropical on the coasts

-most of Oceania is either temperate or tropical

Natural Resources

-Australia: beef, sheep, grains, dairy, sugar cane, coal, cotton, rice, plants, and fruit trees

-Ocenaia: sheep, lumber, fishing, minerals


Autralia: 22.62 million

Oceania: 35.67 million

Very Basic History

-during the 17th and 18th centuries european explorers found Australia

-in 1797 sheep were brought to Australia

-most of oceania was found before the 1900s