How to stay safe in sick seson

by Leila

About colds

Having a cold is the #1 reason kids don't go to school and go to the doctors office instead! Each cold can last up to 7 to 14 days to get rid of! The rhinovirus cold is the most common cold for kids to get. There is over 200 types of that kind of flu and there isn't a cure for it

How to get rid of them

Colds are the worst thing to have especialy with the runny nose. Fortanatly there is a way to gwt rid of these nasty things this is what you have to do. First things first wash your hand after doing anything messy. Another thing is to eat healthy foods. The last thing is to exercise. Only go to the doctor is its really bad.

it will tell you about illnesses and ingerys and how to take care of them


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