Autralia is awesome!:)


Land forms

There are cool land forms in Australia. Such as rain forest`s,deserts,mountains,the plains and even the great Barrier reef.


There is also very cool animals in Australia. Such as king brown snake, desert death adders,dingoes Kangaroos, Wombats, laughing kookaburra`s, Koalas, Red back spiders, emu's, frilled lizards, duck billed platypuses, crocodiles, zebras, Gazelles, hippos and sheep and more.

Cool Fact

Australia Day is a holiday.And the Great Barrier reef is very pretty. And Australia is the smallest continent.Some people call Australia the great down under. Australia is even the only content that is also a country. And the Great Barrier reef is the biggest part of an ocean in the world.
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Australia is a great continent.