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New Units

Persuasive Text - Hybrid Text - Created by Cathy Stansbury, relieving AP at Smithfield PS. (S2)

Antarctica - Developed by Raglan PS. (S3)

Global Connections - Developed by Raglan PS. (S3)

Cultural Study - Developed by Raglan PS. (S3)

Government - Developed by Raglan PS. (S3)

Australian Identities and Values - Developed by Raglan PS. (S3)

This Is Me - Developed by Glenorie PS. (ES1)

Meeting Needs - Developed by Glenorie PS. (ES1)

Changes - Developed by Glenorie PS. (ES1)

Families Past and Present - Developed by Glenorie PS. (S1)

Need For Shelter - Developed by Glenorie PS. (S1)

The Way We Were - Developed by Glenorie PS. (S1)

Land Exploration - Developed by Hillston Central School. (S3)

Gold - Developed by Hillston Central School. (S3)

Energy - Developed by Hillston Central School. (S3)

Did You Get The Message? - Developed by Raglan PS. (S3)

Bridging The Gap - Developed by Raglan PS. (S3)

History - Geography - HSIE

Parliament @ Work - Parliament@Work is designed for use by teachers and students. It provides information about all nine Australian parliaments and the political parties in Australia.

Virtual Tour of State Parliament House - Excellent resource

Civics and Citizenship - Lesson plans, assessment tasks and marking rubrics to investigate the key concepts of Australia’s federal Parliament.

Interactives and Animations - Government

Cotton Production Resources - The Education Kit is fantastic.

Global Connections - 9 new links

All Down Under

Get Parliament Kit - Teacher resource pdf


Consumption Atlas - Add your postcode and view your eco-footprint, water consumption and Greenhouse pollution.

Sydney Water - Resources for teaching the urban water cycle which has been developed by Sydney Water.


Food Chains - 1 new link

Fish - 1 new link


Eco Systems of The World - Great student posters that are easy to source information from.

Christmas in the Trenches

Other Resources

Planning for Effective Learning and Assessment - When planning effective learning and assessment activities, teachers should consider whether the teaching, learning and assessment approaches are appropriate to the syllabus outcomes being addressed. What should teachers consider when planning for effective learning and assessment?

View this interactive resource to discover to consolidate your answer.

Reading Comprehension Guide - Developed by D Lawlor from Plympton Primary.

My Great Big Adventure - Clips on Bullying, Friendship, Family Friction, Stress, Body Image, Winning & Losing etc plus interactive activities.

Lego Games - Ranging from strategic, action, creative, fantasy etc.
Song of The Month - An archive of children's songs to download.

Text Type Interactive

What's On Your Plate?

A Guide To Vege Gardens - A great student resource - PDF