Tierra Fria

The cool highlands


The nutrition is based mainly on the rain fall for farmers to grow crops. There is a vertical trade for farmers to exchange crops for other foods and crops that cannot be grown in the highlands.
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With colder weather in the morning and nights people start their day off in coats and pants. As the day goes on and the temperatures rise they will change into clothes to accommodate the weather.
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Farming is a big activity in the highlands creating most of the jobs to survive in the mountains. Trading is another big activity it helps reach out for resources that cannot be grown in the upper part of the mountains.
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Living in the mountains in high elevation with the weather calls for well insulated housing and thick walls. people in the mountains make there houses out of stone or adobe brick. Adobe brick is made out of clay with straw dried in the sun. Although their bodies are adapted to the weather it is a must have to have a well built house.
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