Great Civilizations

By: Christian Cook

Ancient Persia's Location

There once was a place called Ancient Persia. It was the land where Iraq and Iran are today. In that country, there were two rivers with land between them, or Mesopotamia. There were many cultures that had rose and fell in Mesopotamia. Some of those cultures were the Sumerians,Babylonians,Assyrians and others. In the sixth century B.C. another culture came to prominence-the Persians. When Persia tried to attack Greece,Greece beat the Persians, and beat them many times after that. The Persian Empire fell to the ground hard.

Ancient Persia's Battles

Cyrus, the Persian leader, managed to establish Persian control over the ancient East, Egypt, and even some parts of India. That gave the Greek city-states a run for their money. Cyrus was a generous man that gave back anything that was valuable to the people he attacked. Just because Cyrus's acts, the Jewish prophet Isaiah called him "God's shepherd," and even said that "God will even out the Mountain's. From then on the Jews and the Persians never attacked each other again.