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A glimpse into your child's week! April 27 - May 1

Greetings from Third Grade!

This week students have done a better job of getting focused and coming to school ready to learn. I attribute this to having had a week of me back under their belts as well as the conversations that you have all had at home. I appreciate your support and know that it will allow me to guide your child towards being prepared for 4th grade!

We are in need of:

- scissors

- SHARP pencils

- Dry Erase Markers

- Glass jars (salsa or spaghetti sauce size) without lids.... washed and label removed. These are for a project we will be doing at the beginning of May... please put your child's name on the bottom of it! We will be creating a Mother's Day/Special Person project. If your child will need to make two, please try to send in two jars, or at least notify me to let me know so that I can get them an additional jar.

3rd 100 Frye Words

This is a reminder that students will be reassessed on the final set of words at the end of May. Please encourage your child to practice the spelling of these words at the following site:

SCIENCE - Animals! Animals!

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Students completed a Bird Beak Performance task this week and they did REALLY well! Ask your child to fill you in on the details!

In addition, they completed their Animal Book quiz, using the animal book that they created in class to help assist them in answering the questions.

As a culmination of the Animal Unit and the end of the year, we will be visiting Wilderness Trail Zoo in Birch Run/Frankenmuth. A permission slip came home with your child today. I have room for 3 chaperones in addition to the ones that have already contacted me to go. If the interest exceeds 3 additional people, we will of course find a way to make it work. I just need to find out the logistics of space on the bus, cost, etc.

Next week we will begin learning about PLANTS!


This week in Social Studies we reviewed the Three Branches of Government and prepared for our Social Student District Test. Students completed that on Thursday and were given a "day off" from Social Studies on Friday. Next week we will begin learning about Michigan's Economy, beginning with the saw mills and the lumber industry.

Your child's District Test score has been entered into the online grade book and can be viewed at any time. Because this is a District Test, corrections can not be made. The students did VERY well on it!


In Math we have completed lessons 11-4 through 11-7 in Math. Lesson 11-8 is teh homework for Monday, which should also be written on your child's weekly reminder sheet (in their binder). Topic 11 is an introduction to Geometry. During our Morning Meeting this morning, the kids expressed that they really liked the "flipped" classroom model I've tested out on them. We will be skipping the 11-9 Homework and will instead be reviewing for our Test in class on Tuesday. Students will take the Topic 11 Test on Wednesday morning.. Here are some pictures from what we've done this week:
If you are still having trouble accessing the Pearson video links for the nightly Math homework, please let me know. I have been able to troubleshoot and figure out how to get everyone logged in so far! The feedback I've received from this "flipped" model has been very positive so far. I welcome all comments/questions/concerns, so feel free to contact me!


This week in reading we attempted to do some Reader's Theater with small groups. This did not go so well, so we "stopped it before it got too bad" says Anna. :) We will spend next week reviewing how to write a summary so that students are prepared to take their end-of-the-year Reading Level Assessment (DRA).


This week students were hard at work completing the body of their informational book. Students are writing about a topic they know a lot about. They have been doing a fantastic job and will be bringing theirs home to share with you next week. They will then need to return it to class so that we can begin revising/editing and creating the final (published) copy!


In preparation for the M-Step test (mid-May), students have been learning a new word each day. I do not have an updated picture, but this week's terms were: infer/inference, integrate, interpret, locate.
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Weekly Reminder Page (link below)

Link to our Class Schedule

Coming Soon!

For now:

Tuesdays - Library 2:45 - 3:30

Fridays - Computer Lab 10:00 - 11:00

Mon/Wed = Gym, Tues/Thurs = Music, Fri = Movement


More dates will be added next week!
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Community Service Projects

Sanjita proudly shared her project with the class this week. Thanks for helping out, Sanjita!
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Special Thanks...

To Anna and Julia (Jasmine, too!) for helping to create this week's newsletter!