By Alex Reames

The First Steps

1. Finding a subject for your animation or story.

Ex. I went over doing a music video for a song, different fairytales and then settled on doing salt fairies which was something I had the idea of before but had just done sketches of.

2. Making a storyboard or coming up with what your subject will be doing.

Ex. I thought about doing a snow fight, them in class and I didn't know how much I could get either of those done so I ended up doing an intro of a TV show kind of thing.

3. Find out how you are going to draw each part of your animation.

Ex. I drew out the outline of the animation and then sketched where I wanted the fairies to go.

4. Start your animation.

What did I do to make an animation?

I went through each of the steps stated above in order to make this. First though I really didn't know much about any animation tools or programs that could be used to make animation. At first I was going to use Blender but the program I soon learned was too complex to do what I wanted to in such a short period of time. But I did learn the basics of Blender. Then I went on to doing a 2D animation on Flash which is a program by Adobe. This was easier to work with for me and did what I wanted. Then I went on to draw out 40 pictures in Flash to make my animation.

Concept Art

Final Product

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How This Effects My Life

The point of this project for me was to learn if I liked animation. I wanted to know if it was something I would want to go into in the future. I learned that there are some aspects I really enjoyed like designing characters and adding in little details. I also know that animation now isn't done in 2D and is at this point more about using programs on a computer more than drawing and things like that. But I think that it's something I could like to do in the future. After this project I want to look more into it.