Mrs. Howe's Weekly News

September 17, 2013 No.4

The iPads are here! Just incase you haven't heard!

I wish each of you could've seen the excitement in the eyes of each child as they were handed their very on iPad. Monday, we spent a good bit of time setting up Edmodo and learning how to reply to posts and discussing the purpose of the site. We will use this site for educational purposes ONLY. I will front load lessons, work with small groups, and post homework assignments daily. These are just a few ways we will use this site. If you are interested in viewing this site and my postings, please visit or download the free Edmodo app. This site has recently been updated and I haven't figured out how to create a parent group. With this being said, at this point if you are interested in joining, I am asking that you register as a student and use the group code qvjbzz. This will allow you to see everything I post. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


We have finished our assigned MAPs testing, but I still have several students that have not finished one or two portions of the test. Once every one has finished, I will send home a form with your child's data. I plan on sending this information electronically. If you prefer that I send you a paper copy, please let me know.


Please encourage your child to study daily. Fourth grade material requires repeated discussions and introductions.


I would love to use your child's picture(s) and work in our weekly news, blog, and on Edmodo. I love bragging on our kids and sharing their great ideas and creations. Next Wednesday, I will include a form asking for permission to do so. Please fill out the form (even if you wish that your child's work not be used) and return to me the next day.