A koala looks like a teddy bear but it's not a bear. A koala weighs around 9 -12 kilograms. Koalas have thick, greyish fur, with white on their chests, inner arms, and ears. They have large furry ears and a leathery nose.


A koala is a marsupial mammal. Its sharp claws and teeth help them climb trees and eat leaves. They have very thick fur that keeps them warm in the cold weather and cold in the warm weather. A koala is related to a kangaroo because a female koala has a pouch to keep their joeys in.


A koala only eats eucalyptus leaves. They will eat 2.5 kilograms of food a day. The leaves they eat have a special kind of water inside them.


Koalas live in the east coast of Australia. It's a very hot and dry region. There are many eucalyptus trees and Koalas choose to live on this trees because it keeps them hydrated.


A koala is my favourite tree animal because it looks like a cuddly teddy bear. The koala’s territory is getting smaller as people are cutting down the forests to make roads, factories and for other reasons. To save their natural habitat, we have to save our forests and plant trees.