Creative Cooking Italian Recipe

Kyle's Pictorial Mini Calzone Recipe

Recipe Introduction

This is the Italian recipe I chose to make for my Creative Cooking class. I decided to go with the recipe just because I was craving a calzone while looking for a recipe, so when I came across this recipe it was only right that I went with it.

Recipe Yield

In this recipe it says it will serve 9 with a yield of 16 calzones

Ingredients & Equipment


  • 3/4 cups Ricotta Cheese
  • 3/4 cups Asiago Cheese
  • 3/4 cups Frozen Spinach
  • 3/4 Pizza Crust (10-ounce)
  • 3/4 Egg Yolk
  • Sausage
  • Salt/Pepper
  • Water


  • Oven
  • Jelly Roll Pan
  • Cheese Grater
  • Strainer
  • Skillet
  • Stove