What Shall I Do Today?

#helpothersbewell #iwillthrive

#1 - Take Care of Yourself!

Use your Thrive Products correctly and be a product of the product. Love yourself enough to give yourself the best start to your day!
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#2 Help Others Take Care of Themselves

Carve out 20 minutes today & see what you can accomplish for your Le-Vel business?

* Message 5 of your FREE Sign ups

* Call Someone and get them on the phone to hear a Thrive Experience of another leader.

* Call a Customer and Check on them.

* Host a Conference Call with 3 Thrive Experiences.

* Message 5 Friends & Family and ask them, "If I had something that would help you feel better, have more energy, be in a better mood and reduce aches and pains.... would you try it?"

Dawn Killough

I'm dreaming of the beach while this cold weather is infringing on my life. LOL! Call me anytime! I'd love to visit with you, answer questions, have some laughs, and help out any way I can.

Blessings, Dawn