Courage of a Lion:

Restoring Fearless Motherhood Afternoon Retreat

Hosted By: Ms. Beatrice Butler

Bring back the “No-Nonsense” Parenting that gets results! Be there as Ms. Beatrice shares how to:

  • Get obedience and respect without screaming or arguing
  • Stop the cycle of acting out
  • Stop bullying and start parenting
  • Properly train up and trust your child!
  • Learn how to be strong, respect yourself and be FEARLESS!


Courage of a Lion: Restoring Fearless Motherhood Afternoon Retreat

Saturday, Nov. 30th, 2-6pm

5607 Puritan Rd

Tampa, FL

Tickets only $10! Call (813)764-6339 Today!


Come out and enjoy Food, Games, Fun and Support for moms only! Tickets only $10! For Tickets please call (813)764-6339 or CLICK HERE! We will see you there!

Bea's Upscale Education Program

Bea’s Mentoring Education Program, LLC is an education program used to motivate and inspire children, ages seven to 18 years old. The program consists of a series of leadership development classes and prides itself on implementing positive and innovative ideas to girls during their early years so that they will be able to grow into future self-respecting adults. Within the program, students will be able to participate in numerous educational activities, learn life skills and interacts with new people from diverse backgrounds. After the completion of the program, students should be able to use the lessons they have learned and apply them to their everyday lives.