6th Grade Physical Education

Lee Periods 6 & 7

Week 4

Welcome to week 4 of this third quarter!
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This week....

This week is going to be a mix of activities. Since the weather is going to be nice today, we will be outside and begin to work a little bit on flag football basics (throwing and catching). Tuesday and Wednesday, we will most likely be inside due to the weather. We still need to complete our curl-ups, which are part of FitnessGram. Those who are not working on fitness testing, will possibly begin working on volleyball basics or we may begin transitioning to dance. The rest of the week will be dependent on the weather and progress with fitness testing.

Upcoming Pretest...

By the end of the week, I will be posting at least one, but possibly two pre-tests on Edmodo. The focus will be on volleyball and also flag football.

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Extra Credit Opportunity

Yes, you read that correctly! Here is an extra credit opportunity!

Below is a list of equipment that you can use (only what's listed) to create a new game for PE. It cannot be anything that we have ever played before. You do not have to use all of the equipment that is listed. The game must have all students active (35 students) and it must be fitness-based.


~4 mats

~4 footballs

~8 tennis balls

~6 soccer balls

~10 hula hoops

~6 whiffle balls

~8 flag football belts

~20 cones

~4 jump ropes

~2 full decks of cards

~8 scooters

Your game is due on Monday, February 7th. It must be typed and include the equipment used, the rules of the game, and how you came up with it. Your game can either be emailed to me, sent as a DM via Edmodo, or printed out and given at the start of class.

Worth: 10 points added to a test grade (skills or written). We will have some tests coming up very soon!

Ms. Jennifer Lee

River Trail Middle School

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