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Week of 10.16.16

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Mission Statement

Northwood Elementary School will provide higher-level learning opportunities for all students to maximize their potential in a safe, nurturing, respectful, and diverse environment.
Northwood Building Calendar

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Volunteer Forms = Update

Please note that we have had a change to our volunteer screening process. All volunteers must now submit a new volunteer form each year. Remember that you need a copy of your Driver's License submitted with this form. You can find a link to this form at the link below. Student safety is a priority and this will assist us with keeping all students safe.

An IChat will be conducted approximately two weeks prior to EVERY field trip for any field trip drivers.

We will be working on getting the new forms/Ichats in by November 16. At that time all the previous forms will be deleted. If you submitted a new form this year you are should be set. Thank you.


Please remember to pack nut and tree nut free healthy snacks.

Weather Info

Please have your child properly equipped for the weather. Whenever possible we are looking to get our students outdoors for recess, as research shows that there is great cognitive, social, emotional, and physical benefit over the long-term; not to mention that the active time outside gets their brains better wired to learn during the day. This being said, we use feels like temperatures below 12- 15 degrees as our general guidelines for whether or not to keep the kids inside. Do be aware however, that the preference (for the benefit of the kids) is to get them outside and moving.

Please do your part and be sure that your child have proper jackets, snow pants, boots, hats, and gloves so they can be best prepared during the colder weather. Please make sure students come to school with the items. Please make sure you label everything.

If it rains or the feels like temperature is below 12- 15 degrees we will be inside for recess. The earliest students can get into the building if it is raining or the feels like temperature is below 12- 15 degrees is 8:10 am. Otherwise, the doors open at 8:20 when the bell rings. Please do not leave students at the doors prior to 8:10 am.

Thank you.

NoonWalkers is Back!

NoonWalkers is Back!

NoonWalkers is Northwood’s walking club that encourages kids to get moving! This will take place during lunch recess on Friday Oct 21st, Nov. 4th, 11th and 18th. Students will walk laps around the South Playground and earn toe tokens for their effort. For this event to take place we need your help. Volunteers are needed for set up, passing out lap cards, checking off lap cards, monitoring a large group of walkers, and awarding toe tokens.

Thank you for your continued support!

Click here to sign up:

For any questions please contact Health and Welfare Chair: Jennifer Magat,

Book Fair

Fall Book Fair ends on October 18th!

Open to the public: Monday/Tuesday from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.

New this year: Raffle: Enter a drawing to win a bean bag reading chair: $1.00 per ticket; $5.00 for six tickets.

All proceeds will buy books for the school!

Please remember the 6% sales tax. Checks should be made payable to Northwood PTA.

Questions? Contact Krista Brumley,


Please call the attendance line and report all absences prior to the school day starting. In addition please arrive on time. This will assist in streamlining the morning for all students and staff. On some mornings we are trying to confirm 10-15 student absences. Thank you.

Phone Extensions/Contacts

BUILDING 248.541.0229 Dial 'O' for Office

or dial the extensions below. Teachers will not always pick up if they are teaching and we prefer calls only go to classes during the school day if it is considered an "emergency". Please use email to contact staff as the primary method of contact.

If you call the office and do not get an answer PLEASE leave a message, if it is a matter that needs attention. At times the office has children that need our attention and we will call back if it is an urgent matter. If you have an "emergency" you should redial the office or the teacher.

RtI SaraFritz 3510

Kindergarten Kendra Bath 4002

Kindergarten Jamie Miller 4044

Kindergarten Jennifer Hughes 3581

First Grade Karen Christian 4005

First Grade Kim Stanley 4016

First Grade Jessica Land 4034

Second Grade Kelley Sebastian 4015

Second Grade Linda Burton 4030

Second Grade Christyn Leitzel 4035

Third Grade Jack Donnellon 4042

Third Grade Danielle Johnston 4047

Third Grade Laura Gavey 4032

Fourth Grade Kelly Fulks 4041

Fourth Grade Sarah Wofford 4043

Fourth Grade Kelly Waterstredt 4027

Fifth Grade Angie Buyle 4004

Fifth Grade Teri Matynka 4011

Fifth Grade Lindsey Friedlein 4017

Academic Support MaryAnn Campbell 4024

Art Alesha Beistline 4028

Foreign Language Matthew Gonzales 4026

Media Center Patty Hanson 4018

Music-Vocal Anna Richert 2063

Occupational Therapy Kathleen Daibess 4048

Physical Therapist Christine Buchanan 4024

Physical Education Keith Doody 1023

School Psychologist Rachel Champagne 3590

School Social Worker Madison Marcus 1536

Speech Pathologist Carly Kaufman 4045


ROHS interact has left a collection jar in the office. This is in place of individual containers in classrooms for October. Please let students know. Change can be deposited into the collection jar!

PTA Trunk or Treat/Movie NIght is Friday

Please note that the playground will be CLOSED. We are asking for your assistance in keeping children out of this area. Remember that each parent should be monitoring their children at the event.

Admission to this event is one bag of candy per trick-or-treater.

After Trunk or Treat at 7:45pm, there will be a Family Movie Night in the cafetorium. The featured movie is Hotel Transylvania 2. According to IMDB it is rated PG. Please check to see that it meets your personal family standards.

For questions, please contact Merrily Gechter ( or Heather Linz (

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Halloween News

Dear Northwood Students and Families:

The time for the Northwood Halloween Parade is fast approaching. Our Halloween celebration will be on October 28th (a Friday and a half day). All classroom celebrations, student costumes, and our student parade, will all take place on the 28th.

This also means, and this is important and we need your help with this, that we will not be celebrating Halloween on October 31st. Most important to note with regards to this is that there will be no parties and no costumes allowed on October 31st, as we will have already had our school celebration.

The 31st will be a normal day of instruction at school, then the students will come home to an evening of Halloween fun!


The parade will be held at the school on Friday October 28, 2016 at 10:45 a.m. Parents will watch the parade in the cafe. Please park on side streets and try and carpool to avoid added congestion. You may not park in the drop off zone or bus pick-up area. At the end of the parade students will return to their classes and will be dismissed at 11:33 a.m. Yes, it is a half day. Only the volunteers approved for the event and working the classroom celebrations will return to the classrooms to assist students.

This event is one that we look forward to; however, the needs of all students must be kept in mind. What is appropriate for home may not be appropriate for school. All costumes should meet the following guidelines:

· No blood, violence, or gore

· No toy guns, knives, or other weapons

· No liquid or spray accessories

· Nothing overly scary (The “Scream” movie mask, Freddy vs. Jason etc.)

· No balloons

· No masks/face coverings

· No mean costumes (fat man, sumo, etc.).

· Costumes should be culturally sensitive.

Students are not to wear their costumes to school. Students are to bring costumes in a bag clearly marked with their name and teacher. Please make sure they come with their costumes as we do not have runners to run costumes dropped off throughout the day.

It is also a disruption to the learning environment. Students are encouraged to bring costumes that can be put on in the room without requiring the use of our limited bathroom facilities. Teachers will be having low-key celebrations in the morning. Times will be

determined by the classroom teacher taking into consideration building schedules. Due to our classroom size and full classrooms, we cannot accommodate all adults who may want to be in the building classrooms on this day. Teachers and room parents will work to

supply the office with a list of approved volunteers for this event. The number of volunteers varies by grade level. A treat will be available for the children in their classrooms. All planning will include making sure all items are nut and tree nut free. Do not send in candy and other treats. These items will be returned to you.

We respect the right of students to not participate in Halloween because of religious beliefs.

Thank you in advance for making the Halloween Parade a continued success.

10.19.16 Late Start this Wednesday; Students will be picked up at their doors at 9:20; If you participate in Breakfast doors open at 8:55 am

Please keep the staff lot clear. Teachers may be returning from other buildings and need to get into the lot. Parents do not park or wait in the SOUTH lot. Signs are posted.

Latch Key is at the regular times.

Northwood PTA Membership and Directory Info

Thanks to all who have joined Northwood PTA and supporting our school! Everyone who has purchased a membership for the 2016-17 school year has been sent an email invite to access the online directory from Connecting Directories. The online directory allows quick and easy browsing of all Northwood PTA families on your pc or mobile device and also links with your children in other Royal Oak Schools. This years brand new app also includes the ability to build a list of your most used contacts, map an address, and instant message other parents so check it out! The link is available on and the Northwood News email blasts.

As in previous years, only those families who have joined the PTA are included in the directory. Those who have paid during the last two weeks may be experiencing a slight delay but rest assured that this is being dealt with as a first priority.

This years paper directory is scheduled to go to print next week, so please turn in membership forms and payment to the main office by Monday October 17th. There is no guarantee to be included in the print copy following this date. Additions to the online directory can be made throughout the remaining school year.

The transition to a new online registration and linked directory system has been challenging and your patience is greatly appreciated! Please reach out to the following if you have any questions or concerns.

PTA Membership: Emily Spring

Technical Issues w/ Online Directory:

HAVE YOU SIGNED UP YET: Looking for Lunch Monitors

Interested in making some extra money, working at school and helping kids? Please consider letting us know. Contact Mrs. Till for paperwork and information. Parents, guardians, grandparents, and college students can apply.