Rising Kingdom

Come and relax your mind!


  • The Rising Kingdom is located in the North Pacific Ocean.
  • Rising Kingdom is the best place to take a break!
  • It is located at 33N and 151W.


My country has a democratical government that dominates the political society. My people can have the freedom in what they do and to speak freely. The government in Rising Kingdom has limited power access, just like North America because we want to be like them.


Citizens in this country use capitalism where they could do their own business and use their money for profit. People in this country are more productive, innovative, and competitive. It is a developed country and make most of its food from manufacturing organic live stock (without pesticides or medicine). we get live stock from other country.


Rising Kingdom was discovered in April 1st 1932. It is known for it's magnificent beauty. It began as a big eruption was heard, they predicated a volcano erupted somewhere near North America in the north pacific ocean. People wondered where the explosion came from but no one dared to explore. A few years later, a family snuck out, found the island, gave it a name, claimed it theirs and invited their friends to come and enjoy the beautiful island. Population grew on that island ever since.

Please come and visit this beautiful island!