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Year 2 - The week ending March 31, 2023

Talent Show was INCREDIBLE!

OUR 2nd Annual Talent Show was so much fun! Big shout out to Tiffany Moyer for leading the charge and making sure that everything went smoothly. Thank you to Graciella Hollister and Joni Gay for their behind the scenes work as well. This would not have happened without their dedication to OUR GRAY HAWKS!

Please check out the video below. Special thanks to Mrs. Ramsey for splicing it all together so that everyone can enjoy it. Thank you to OUR GRAY HAWK Staff that performed and for the courage of OUR GRAY HAWKS to share their talents with us all. It was quite a night!

2023 Talent Show

"Band Together" Anti-Bullying Assembly was Friday

Terry the Magician was here on Friday with his message of Banding Together against Bullying. This was a fun and engaging assembly for OUR GRAY HAWKS! Big shout out to OUR GRAY HAWK PTO for paying for this assembly for us.
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Thank you so much for supporting the Kids Heart Challenge. WWe were within $50 of OUR goal of $6,000 for a big sliming and Coach Eller and Dr. Springer sleeping on the roof! Coach Eller will have the final update later on Monday and the results will be sent out via Skyward. Thank you to everyone for participating in the Kids Heart Challenge! OUR GRAY HAWKS and community raised $6003.52 We surpassed our goal and have scheduled the big sliming for Tuesday afternoon at 3:00 in the field. If you would like to attend, you certainly may but you will need to check in at the office to get a visitor's sticker so we are aware who is on campus for this event.

We will announce OUR STAFF ROOF SLEEPERS in the next few weeks.

Happy Bottoms Goal Exceeded!

We did it! Thank you all so much for promoting and contributing to Happy Bottoms. Check out Connor's genuine joy when he found out that we had surpassed the goal he set. This was very special and we appreciate everyone for their donations. We collected a total of 2,343 diapers (including cash donations). Congratulations to Miss Rues's class for donating the most (1,022). They have earned a pizza party sponsored by Connor and his family.

Thank you again for giving from your hearts!

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State Assessment Schedule

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Gray Hawk Neuro-News

In OUR all school NESTS last Monday we spent our time discussing three parts of the brain: the amygdala, the hippocampus, and the prefrontal cortex. We then played Brain Jeopardy and the kids colored a reminder sheet that said "Ask me about Lizard Brain". Last week's video was all about Lizard Brain and the video this week is from the same series and is entitled: The Hand Model of the Brain. OUR GRAY HAWKS were very engaged in these lessons, so I would like to encourage you to watch the brief video and see if your child(ren) can show you the hand model of the brain.

I also stumbled upon an interesting article that was written last April in the Wall Street Journal entitled TikTok Brain Explained: Why Some Kids Seem Hooked on Social Media Feeds. This was a really interesting article and I thought it was worth sharing.

The Hand-Brain Model! | Self-Regulation Lesson 2
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