FED UP Obesity Article

By Caroline Henke

Why is a calorie not a calorie?

A calorie is not a calorie because some foods that you may think are healthy might have more sugar then what you think. In the film “Fed Up” they told us examples of how people think they are eating something healthy but their actually not. One example is that Prego sauce is actually 12 teaspoons of sugar while a pack of m+m’s is actually only 7 teaspoons. This isn’t saying that you should eat m+m’s every day but you should just be careful about what your eating and try and stay away from sugars. One thing you can look out for is when it says No Fat it probably isn't healthy because then they are just adding sugar to make it taste good.

Why can exercise alone not solve the obesity problem?

People also think that exercise can just solve the problem of obesity but it can’t. It can definitely improve your weight lose but your not going to become skinny or healthier from just exercising. Most of the problem for obesity is the food. Most people go to the grocery store and buy what is on sale instead of actually looking at the label to see how healthy/unhealthy it actually is. Fast food places also have great deals so then people will buy their very unhealthy food. In the film they showed us different families that were trying to lose weight. In one family the girl did a of exercise like swimming and ate the same but wouldn’t lose weight while another family made home cooked meals every night for five months straight and saw great improvement. Since their food was home cooked and the food wasn’t processed it was healthy for them. Another reason why exercising can't do the job for curing obesity is because if you eat more calories then you burn, you will gain weight. Just stick to foods that have no added sugar and you can tell if its a sugar by usually it ending with OSE has sugar and are hard to pronounce.