Hydropower Good or Bad?

By Aly, Imani, And Derek


Any source of power can have negative impacts on the environment, and hydropower is no exception. When a hydropower dam is constructed, it blocks a flowing river and essentially turns it into a stagnant lake, and in many cases, fish are no longer able to follow their usual path. Some salmon and other fish populations have been decimated—and several even classified as endangered—as a result of dam construction.

The Bottom line

Hydropower has been a great and economical source of generating electricity. However, with the advance of modern technologies and findings, this traditional system is under a microscopic search. There are many articles published against the use of hydropower. It is estimated that by 2020, the percentage of power from hydropower dams will come down to just 4 percent. This is also because there are no new plants or dams to build on hydropower. Wind and solar energy are taking the center stage as a cheap and best alternate source of energy. So, it will not be a surprise to see the disappearing interest in hydropower electricity.