For Sale:Cyclops Island!!!!!!!!!

Asking Price:$1,000,000

Come and Reside in a Peaceful Paradise,Called Cyclops Island!!!!

Join and have fun with the Cyclops that live on the island. Don't get too close or they eat you up. Anyways, there are plenty of sheep around to hide from them. Also, there is a cave where the legendary Ulysses once stepped into. However, there may be 1 or 2 cyclops still living there.
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As you can see, this guy clearly avoided my rules and is about to be eaten.

Tourist Attractions

You can take pictures of the cyclops residing around the area. Make sure not to keep your flash on though. That can lead from one thing to another and you may just end up in an inevitable death. Again, you can check out that cave if you want to too.

10% Discount. Now only $100,000.