Ross seal



The male ross seal reaches a length of 1.68 - 2.09m.

The female ross seal reaches a length of 1.96 - 2.50m.

Their weight is usually 129 - 216 kg.

life span

The male ross seals life span is 21 years.

The female ross seals life span is 19 years.


They only live in antarctica and never

been documented in the extra-polar regions.

They are foundon pack ice on the shores of



The ross seals coat is a dark brown

but underneath it is a silvery white colour.

They also have little hairs.

diet and preditors

Ross seals manly eat krill, squid and fish.

There predators are orca's ( killer whale),

and leopard seals.


After a gestation period of months, Ross seals

give birth to a single pup.

They are weaned at 4-6 weeks and

mature at 2-4 years old.

interesting facts

Ross seals are named after

Sir James Cook Ross who led

the Erebus and terror

expeditions to Antarctica.

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