iPads in the Classroom

What's the big deal?

Six Examples of iPad Integration in Classrooms

This post on Edutopia talks about how six different teachers (French, Calculus, Trigonometry, History, & Digital Literacy) integrated iPads into their curriculum through specific unit projects.


30 Useful iPad Apps for Business & Presentation

This is a great link to a site listing 30 apps that would be very helpful in a Business classroom!

30 Useful Apps

Educational iPad App Reviews

This great blog, called iPodsibilities, lists tons of educational apps as well as reviews, prices, and recommendations.


Top 10 Reasons Classrooms Should Have iPads

This is an article by the Discovery Channel that would be useful to those who do not know much about iPads in education.

Discovery Channel

7 Ways to Use Your iPad in the Classroom

This site, Edudemic, has a really cool graphic organizer of 7 ways to use iPads in your classroom as well as examples and apps to use for each of those 7 ideas.

7 Ways to use Your iPad in the Classroom

iPad 4 Schools

Awesome website that has everything you could ever want to know about iPads in education!!

iPad 4 Schools

How to Address Negative Behavior in 1:1 Classrooms

This article, also on edudemic, lists some of the downfalls of 1:1 classrooms and how to address those issues.


25 Ways Teachers Can Use iPads

This site has an info-graphic listing how teachers can use iPads to consume, collaborate, and produce in the classroom.

25 Ways Teachers Can Use iPads

50 Resources for iPad Use

This site is a great resource for teachers who are new to iPads. Tons of great links for iPad users!

50 Resources for iPad Use

62 Ideas for Using the iPad in the Classroom

This site, TeachThought, has a presentation listing 62 ways to use the iPads in your classroom to further learning.

62 Ideas for Using the iPad in the Classroom

How to Use iPads in the Classroom
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