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May 5, 2015


Get Georgia Reading Campaign - Fabulous Free Summer Reading Resource

Calling All Kids!

This summer the Get Georgia Reading Campaign has again teamed up with the digital library resource, myON, to deliver more than 8,000 books free online books that students can access 24 hours a day, now through Aug. 30. For students, It’s like having their own personal library right at their fingertips! All schools now have a link on their Symbaloo page with direct access to MyOn. Students only need to enter a password to see all available titles with free access continuing through the summer.

MyOn Announcement

More Free Digital Books Resources:

Educators, librarians and program leaders working with children and youth can sign up with First Book to receive free access to the Open eBooks app. First Book is a nonprofit organization that provides access to high quality, brand new books, and educational resources - for free and at low cost - to schools and programs serving children in need. Once signed up with First Book, you will have access to Open eBooks, as well as access to the First Book Marketplace for low-cost books and resources, and the First Book National Book Bank for free books.

School Media Specialists are able to set up the program for their school and create student logins. Contact your building Media Specialist for more info on Open eBooks!

Looking Ahead - Summer Curriculum Revisions


Review & Revise

Lesson plans for -

  • Text alignment to Rigor of standards being taught
  • Tier 2 & 3 Vocabulary Understandings

Sentence Construction Methods for -

  • Alignment to language standards

Written Constructed Responses Assessments for -

  • Alignment to standards instructional focus; rigor and variety of assessment language; variety of tasks and focus to promote HOTS & creativity

Word Study/Word Analysis for -

  • Accuracy and alignment to CCSD K-5 Scope & Sequence and rigor of GSE Reading Foundational Standards


  • Create quarterly Unit Assessments for teachers that mirror the format and rigor of district benchmarks and the Milestones


  • Provide strategies for teachers to use when differentiating Tier 1 instruction to support SPED & ESOL learners



GRASP Assessment window is now open.

  • Grades 2-5: Concepts & Applications version C, Fluency
  • Grades K-1: Add or Subtract within 10, Place Value, Counting to 120 (Hard copies will be mailed to each school)
  • Grade K Slides: Dot Counting, Comparing Numbers 0-10, Number Recognition 0-30
Recording sheets are revised to fit in one page. Use the slides (or cards) to

present problems to students here: GRASP Kindergarten Spring 2016

Looking Ahead - Summer Curriculum Revision


  • Combine Envision/Zearn/DoE Tasks progressionally

  • Add unit openers (video/screenplay)

  • Materials, misconceptions, Q&As

  • Revise/add Number Talks to match progression of Numeracy Skills

  • Revise/add Problem Solving (CGI) to match number talks and grade level progression (connect to the inquiry based lessons)

  • Math literature & add lesson plans from MS

Assessments - Unit assessments, Benchmark Items, Exit Tickets, Fluency

  • Progress Monitoring Tools

  • Add rationale for assessments

  • Digital tools for formatives

Differentiation - SPED/EIP/GIFTED and RTI

  • Develop Intervention Metrics (Roadmap, Diagnostic, Direct Instruction/Practice, Progress Monitoring Tool, Checklist, growth mindset)

  • Resource page for support teachers within each unit

  • Progressional modules on NBT, OA, NF for intervention

  • Homeroom differentiation vs. Intervention

  • Acceleration/ Enrichment

ESOL/Family support: instructional tools, language goals, family support


Science Standards Update

Next year teachers will continue to implement the science GPS. The new science GSE will not be implemented until the the 2017-18 school year.

Looking Ahead - Summer Curriculum Revisions

K-5 science curriculum revisions will include the review and revision of unit learning activities and the creation of unit formative item banks.


Accessing English learners: Continuing, Exiting, and Beyond


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