From Cows to Ice Cream

By: Sophia Black 3SR

ice cream for sale

there are diffrent flavors of ice cream you can eat the ice cream on a hot day.

If' your hungry you can pick a flavor you like.

cows on the farm

ice cream starts at a farm with a cow because cows make milk.

The milk is separated in to heavy cream.

Then it is shipped to the factory.

the ice cream factory

when the truck arrives at the factory the milk and cream are

pumped into four 6000 gallon storage silons.

It' is kept cool at 36 degree until where'

ready to convert it. Cream sugar milk and eggs are mixxed together.

The ice cream is pasteurized and homogenized .

Then the flavor is added.

fun facts abaut ice cream

1851 the first ice cream plant is opened

5th centry b ancient oreeks enjoy a dissret simpler

to ice cream.

things you can putt on your ice cream

things you can putt on top off your ice cream

is sprickles extra cream and frosting.

some kinds off flavors off ice cream are

strawberry pepper mint and vanela with chocolate on top.