Scientific Revolution

Luke Z. 2nd Period

What Was The Change?

With the invention of the telescope came a lot of theories of how the universe worked and how it was made. Scientists also made laws of physics and discovered the elements of chemistry.

Who Were the People Associated With the Change?

How Did This Change Impact Society At This Time?

The scientific revolution was when scientists were beginning to explain things to the people that the church said that God did.So people began to question the church. The church lost all their power.Economically, many advances were made in Europe during this time. The Scientific Revolution led to the discovery of several technologies that became incredible helpful to the merchant class, including standardized currency, refillable gift cards, and receipt paper. These advancements made it far easier for European citizens to buy and sell products, and even to exchange gifts purchased at fine retail establishments.

How Is That Change Evidenced In Today's Modern Society?

The main purpose of this course is to review some of the most important scientific revolutions that took place in the history of science, and to present and discuss their historical context, and origin, the struggle of the individual scientists for scientific truth, and how they succeeded in changing the dominant views on nature and society. The scientific revolutions had a deep social impact, by changing the world and the way of life through the development of new technologies, and shaping a new social order.