Screenshots For Story Jumper

Students, use these screenshots to help you with your book!

** To make the screenshots bigger to look at them, just simply click on the picture and it will become bigger for you!**

First Step!

  • When you first get on Story Jumper, you'll be on a page where it says "My Books". You will then need to click "Create New Book".

Step 2!

When you first click on "Create New Book", you'll pop up with a screen like this picture to the left. You'll automatically start on page 2, you can do either a picture of your own, a scene, or solid color! Your choice! However, whatever picture you put on page 2 it will be your cover picture! So pick a picture that you would love to have as your book cover picture!

Lets Keep Making Our Book!

Hopefully you're figuring it out so far! I hope you're enjoying it!!

Adding Your Own Picture

If you want to add your own picture, go under "Photo" tab, and you'll pop up with a page that looks like the one to the left! You can either search for a photo that is not yours on flickr, or you can click upload picture from computer.

Showing The Class!

After everyone is finished, we will then show the class everyone's book! I can't wait to see what you guys create and what you guys did during spring break!
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