the giant


The planet we will learn about is a humungous , orange, gas covered planet.  It is the largest planet in the solar system and weighs the most.  One day on this planet is 9.9 hours.  It is made out of lots of gases.  This planet has approximately 66 moon.  It  is the fifth planet from the sun. This planet, is Jupiter.  


Jupiter is 778,412,000million kilometres from the sun.  Jupiter is so far away , that it will take you 55 years to reach it.  It is the fifth planet away from the sun and does not take part of the inner Solar system.  


Jupiter is made out of gases hand has a small rock core in the center and middle of the gases.  99% of the 4 gases are helium and hydrogen.  Its average temperature is -148 degrees.The four gases Jupiter is hydrogen, helium, methane and ammonia.  It has a hurricane called the red spot circling the planet.  The great red spot formed 350 years ago and is still going on.  It is covered in 966 kilometres deep of gases.  The gases look like big puffy clouds. Jupiter has 3 rings.  

Size and Weight

Jupiter is the biggest out of all 8 planets.  Jupiter also weighs the most.  It weighs twice as much of all the planets combined.  Jupiter is 11 times larger than earth. It actually could fit 1,321 earths inside of it .


now that you have read about jupiter's location, atmosphere, size, and weight,hopfully you are well imformed about the wonderful planet jupiter.