Web 2.0 Tools


Smore is a site that allows you to create your own online posters. You can choose your own themes, edit the way you want it, add links, and it's free. You can use it as a flyer, or an invitation or whatever you need it for.


Wordle lets you take either a story or just a bunch of words describing something and arranged it into one thing. The more times you say a word, the bigger it gets. You can change the text color, font, and the background color.


Fotobabble allows you to have a picture and record over it. You can make it have a background, and add stickers and text.


Symbaloo allows you to organize the sites you visit a lot. You can set it as your homepage and be able to get to what you need right away. You can also get quick information and add calendars.


Bighugelabs lets you take a picture and edit it. You can do a number of effects with words by selecting options, or you can make posters like movie posters.


Prezi is an alternate way to present something. Membership is free and you can even view other people's. It lets you upload videos directly to your presentation (without a link) and you can format it to make it look like it's flipping. You can even put text on other text without making it look overlapping by zooming in.


Easybib is a tool that comes in handy, especially on reports. You type in the site you got your information from, and it formats it to a bibliography.


Blabberize lets you upload a picture with a mouth, and make it look like it's moving when you record something over it.