Storytellers At Fannie Battle

A storytelling residency for 1st - 8th grade

A week of developing storytelling skills

The students at Fannie Battle Day Home were eager to pick their stories and get down to telling. They collaborated and inspired each other to make their stories their personal best. Groups learned how to function as an ensemble and gained skills in how to present information to an audience. All of this focused work resulted in a one hour performance in front of peers, teachers and parents!

Dee Kimbrell, Storyteller and Educational Play Specialist

Dee Kimbrell has facilitated stories for schools, libraries and organizations all over the state of Tennessee for the past 20 years. Dee is on the state roster as a teaching artist for the Tennessee Arts Commission. A list of programs for students and professional development for teachers available at If you would like to bring Dee to your school and would like additional information of how to apply for grants with TAC, please contact her via the information below: