Financial Problems

By: Kayla, Maria, Isabela, Sam

What impact does the issue have on children ages 7 to 12?

- The children have changes in eating patterns

- Increase in clingyness and whining

- Increased agression

- Feel left out

- Less likely to cooperate

What is it?

Financial problems is when parents don't have enough money to provide basic needs for their family


  • Talk to the child and let them know that it is not their fault.
  • Be honest with the kids and tell them that they can't get everything they want because times are tough.




-Food stamps

-Social security



Why is it important for parents to utilize the resources ?

Parents don't want their children to feel stress out or worried if they can become homeless or wondering if there will be food on the table.

Affects on child

They get stress

Feel less than others

Not have everything they need

Are worried