Child Labor in the Industrial Rev.

In England

Children's Jobs in Factories

  • It wasn't uncommon to see a child working near or on a large, heavy and dangerous machine
  • 14% of the workforce in 1750 were kids under the age of 14

The Workforce in Britain

This graph shows the percent of child labor in Britain

Hours of work, working conditions, etc.

  • Some workers were as young as the age of 6
  • They were paid only a fraction of what an adult would be paid
  • The kids worked up to 19 hour shifts

An overwatcher watches a child

You can see that this child looks unhappy and very tired

Accidents that would often happen

  • Children would lose limbs or fingers because they would be cleaning machines and the machines were cut back on too soon
  • Some lost limbs or fingers due to fallig asleep because the long work hours


This boy has lost his arm due to an injury at a factory

Childrens Punishment

  • Kids too young to work machines would be an apprentice to another worker who would often abuse them both physically and verbally
  • If a kid was late to wark some owners would tie a weght to your neck and make you walk around showing the other children what would happen if they were late

Child punishment

This factory owner is beating a child worker

Efforts to Abolish Child Labor

  • The Factory Act of 1833 was one of the first documents that would improve child labor
  • It limited the hours that a child could work depending on their age
  • It also said children under 9 years old couldn't work

Children Protesting Child Labor

this picture shows children protesting