Professional Athlete Salaries

By, Jayda Gibson :)


For my end of the year project in English I used the subject "professional athletes salaries." I chose this subject because even today people still complain about the fact that athletes get paid a great amount of money. "Wouldn't it be great to get paid over 31.1 million dollars simply just to play a game?" Almost every professional athlete gets paid over $5 million in just a year Many say that doctors, people who make sure our health is always perfect and keep us alive, and repair our broken bones, only get paid up to $258,000 while most hockey players are getting paid up to 2.5 million a year.

But some things that most people who do complain about the amount of money athletes get is that "most of the money they get if from "us" the fans." We're willing to spend over $100.00 just for souvenirs including: hats, jackets, keychains; caps/hats. And to just go to a game you can spend up to $60.00. 10% of their income is our money.

Connection To Present Day

Michael Jordan known as a true champion in the sport Basketball. He used to play in the NBA for the Bulls. He got paid up to 31.1 million dollars a year. There isn't much of a difference now in how much other professional athletes get paid now a days. For instance Floyd Mayweather is one of the highest paid athletes in the sport boxing. Both athletes got paid an enormous amount of money


This topic has put a big negative impact in society today. "Wouldn't it be great to make nearly 111 million a year just to simply play a game?" Most people would say that "athletes are getting paid a great amount of money." Most complain that teaching is one of the most economically important teaching our kids the way in life and preparing for the future, and are paid astronomically LESS than the average professional athlete." Its still being complained about today, but will hopefully be resolved soon in the future.

5 fun facts

Some nice fun facts that you probably didn't know about a few professional athletes:

-Jeff Gordon is the 20th richest athlete, he gets paid 30 million every year.

-Candace Parker is the highest paid athlete in the WNBA.

-Wayne Rooney is the highest paid soccer player in England with the salary of 23 million a year.

-Floyd Mayweather is the highest paid athlete with the salary of 285 million a year.

-Kevin Durant is the 7th highest paid athlete with the salary of 19.1 million.


"Michael Jordan, along with many other professional athletes get paid $31.1 million a year plus the additional 47 million in endorsement." This has influenced many other hard working people in so many ways, though its not the athletes fault, a main part of it is "us" the fans fault. "Fans are the one's to pay $50.00 for a ticket $100.00 for a jacket and $20.00 for a hat." So us the supporters are the ones giving 10% of what they're making.


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