News Notes & Dates

Week of December 1

Principal's Corner

** Great conversation has begun regarding our Special Ed Model. We will be meeting on December 7th if you would like to join us in room 115 at 2:30. The more the merrier.

** Congrats to Danielle for being the grand prize winner for the Connected Educator contest and to Brad for the building winner! Appreciate your efforts in representing the Nagel Nation!!

**Have some students who continue to push back when it comes to their writing assignments? Take a moment to read a few tips here.

**OTES #6 - Any type of Input forms, surveys, or even letters you ask parents to send in describing their child can serve as evidence to Classroom Environment, by showing that you “engage in two-way communication and offer…activities for families to support student learning.”

Shop & Share Challenge - can we raise $5,000?


* Wed. Dec 3 - Team Leader Meeting 2:20 Room 115

* Wed. Dec 3 - Advisory Rep Meeting 2:20 Room 131

* Fri. Dec. 5 - Go Offline Day - see schedule below

Counselor's Corner

1. Go Offline Day:

  • schedule for 7th & 8th grade lunches and 7th grade encore
  • 8th grade schedule

2. Shop & Share:

  • SuperHawks will be collecting money each morning in advisory starting Monday, Last day to collect is Friday, December 5th.
  • Shopping Night @ Target is Monday, December 8th from 3:00-7:00. All are welcome!

Team Challenge - what if each TEAM of teachers adopted one family? That would add 13 more families!

Lizzy's Academic Advice

Lizzy's Weekly Information

Reminder that there will be one Rock Wednesday in December. On December 10th core only teachers will meet in room 115 to review progress monitoring data with Rich and Brenda. Please plan on attending with your team. Teams should bring their completed Academic Data Q2 2014-2015 Google Doc.

Team Leaders meeting after school on Wednesday, December 3rd in room 115.

Joy's Journal

Structure Creates Behavior

Welcome back to a very short December! A few things to remember as we get back to the books (or should I say "tech") for the remainder of 2014.

Reminder #1-- Take two minutes to briefly review classroom expectations and model behaviors you expect to observe from students. (You can never do this enough.)

Reminder #2-- Chat with your team members and review the team expectations so everyone continues to be consistent.

Reminder #3-- Find a moment in your day to purposefully connect with a couple of students who are struggling-- academically, socially, and/or emotionally. They look to you for a smile and affirmation.

Reminder #4-- DFTBA!

Have a great week!

The Bailey Special

Basketball is underway...stay after school one day to see what our kids like to do when they are not in the classroom.