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Ireland is and island located in the Eastern part of the North Atlantic ocean, and directly west of the United Kingdom (UK).

The Basics

Weather/Climate type

Weather is temperate maritime; with mild winters, cool summers, and is consistently humid, and with over cast half the time.

Climate type is mild, moist, and changeable with abundant rainfall and lack of temperature extremes.

Physical features

  • Cliff of Moher
  • Carrauhtuonhill (3414 ft.)


  • Tying off "offerings" to fairy trees
  • The Leprechaun
  • Halloween
  • Going to the pub


  • More relaxed attitude toward time
  • Proper greeting is shaking hands while maintaining eye contact
  • Tend to value personal space


  • Pony Kids of Dublin: Mostly young children who grew up poor and alone ride ponies.
  • Youth: Fashion, beliefs, slang or behavior. Vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, scooters or skateboards play a central role.

Culture Change

Ireland's culture has been primarily Gaeic. It had been influence by Anglo-Norman, English, and Scottish culture.

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