CVHS Counseling Weekly Update

October 23, 2020; Vol 2 Num 7

Upcoming Virtual College Representative Visits

Since we are not able to arrange in-person college visits right now outside our cafeteria, we have virtual college visits during the month of October. Please download the list below.

The list will be updated as we get more colleges signed up.

Some colleges do require you to register for this event ahead of time. This will be indicated in the meeting information section.

Dual Enrollment for 2nd Semester

Below is some important information about the winter 2021 semester at Macomb and signing up for classes. Macomb will offer online, remote, hybrid and on campus classes.

Returning Students

If you are a returning student, you will just need to submit a dual enrollment request form at the link below.

We will then send approval form to Macomb for the class(es) you indicate. You can register for your classes the week of November 2nd. You can view your assigned date/time in your My Macomb homepage starting the week of October 31.

New Students

Please review the newsletter for general information and to see all the necessary steps at Macomb that have to be completed to be eligible to register.

You must also submit a dual enrollment request form at the link below.

New students will register beginning November 11th through their Macomb account if they have completed their admission steps.

If you have any questions, please email Ms. Pitcher at


October is College Application Month! As the month comes to a close the process of applying to college and applying for financial aid will continue into the fall.

Our goal is for every senior to apply to at least one college, for FAFSA and for one scholarship.

Seniors once you have applied, submit you name at the link below so we can recognize you in our newsletter.

Congratulation to the below seniors who applied to college this month!

Madison Butina

Cassie Burch

Anthony Lambert

Every senior should complete the FAFSA with their family. Here's why...

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the form you need to fill out to get any financial aid from the federal government and the State of Michigan to help pay for college and other types of training.

Watch this brief video to learn more.

Top 5 Reasons to Fill out the FAFSA from Winnie Sun | Sallie MaeĀ®
We prepared a on stop page for FAFSA...Click HERE!

Every senior should complete a FAFSA with their never know what's going to happen in the future so having options is key...

Juniors who elected do the PSAT on 10/29 Click HERE

The PSAT is a great way to get access to scholarships and prepare for the real SAT. The registration has closed, but if you already signed up to take the PSAT on 10/29, spend some time preparing.


Hey Freshmen!!! Here is a summary of Study Skill tips given throughout the month.

1. Stay Positive!! Having a good attitude can set the tone for your learning.
2. Get - and Stay! - Organized! Create a learning space, write down due dates & label.

3. Establish a routine - including logging on each day & participating

4. Set Personal Goals - what do you want to accomplish this year?

5. Make the most of Resources - online & people you can contact

6. Start on track - and stay on track! - including breaking down big assignments

7. Exercise to boost mood, energy & brainpower

8. Learn to deal with setbacks - and learn from them!

And Remember your counselors are here for you! We are available throughout the school day. Contact us thru Schoology, email or give us a call. We can set up a Teams meeting to chat!

Hello to Xello! Students and Parents!

Check out the exciting newsletter below that will guide students to their future career goals.

Staying connected and getting more info:

Counselors are on Schoology!

We have enrolled every CVHS student into the Counseling Group in Schoology. Now you can access all the resources posted and talk to a 10-12 counselor by clicking on our "Open-Chat" link posted every hour of the day (except 4th).

How to Request an Appointment with your Counselor

Counselors are here to support all of your personal, academic and career needs. To see your 10/11/12 grade counselor, please click on the link below to complete our form to request.

9th-grade students: to request to see your counselor email your counselor using the contact info below.

Welcome to CVHS! I feel left out!?! Click here.

Do you feel left out of CVHS happenings? Are you always the last to hear about a CVHS event or activity. Maybe you need to update your settings or gain access to something. Click here and you can fix these problems. You'll never miss another thing!

*NEW* Follow us on Instagram!

Chippewa 10-12 counselors now have an Instagram account. Follow chippewacounselors as another way to stay connected and up-to date with any information our department has for you.

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Stay up to date with text messages from your CVHS Counselors

If you haven't already done so, students and parents are welcome to sign up.

Class of 2021 text @de22ake to the number 81010

Class of 2022 text @d9eg2e to the number 81010

Class of 2023 text @6497a6 to the number 81010

Class of 2024 text @7673gc9 to the number 81010

Don't be alarmed if you occasionally receive a Remind text that you have been removed from our lists: This happens because we have to keep our lists under a certain number. We add you to a new group and the text reminders keep coming.

Email your assigned counselor with any questions or concerns.

For Grade 9:

Students Last Names A - Kq:

Mrs. Debbie Wall

Students with Last Names Kr - R:

Mrs. Jennifer Frohock

Students with Last Names S - Z:

Mrs. Nadia Given

For grades 10, 11, and 12:

Please Note - Counselor Alphabet Caseloads Have Changed From Last Year

Student's Last name: A-Co

Mrs. Kimberly Koskos

Student's Last Name: Cp-Hes

Mr. Scott Merchant

Student's Last Name: Het-McF

Dr. Dan Lawrence

Student's Last Name: McG-San

Mrs. Sydney Radzinski

Student's Last Name: Sao-Z

Mrs. Stephanie Pitcher


If you have an emergency crisis situation and are unable to reach your counselor, you are encouraged to utilize the following resources:

Macomb County Crisis Center: 586-307-9100

Okay to Say: 855-565-2729 or

Local Police Dpt: Clinton Twp. 586-493-7800 Macomb Twp. 586-469-5151

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