The Dazzlerette Jan Update

Some news and tips from what I learned at FIT for 15!

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New Collection!

If you haven’t watched the webinar launched at the beginning of the month featuring Jessica and Blythe going through the collection please do, because sharing the story about Grace Kelly etc behind the collection will really impact your sales – sharing this knowledge makes the pieces much more than just jewellery.

I KNOW we always collection yet... But having seen 9 collections (I think) in my S&D time I am definitely MOST excited about this one. Reasons:


· Price point

· Range of items

· Extremely on trend with the botanical Grace Kelly inspired designs - Chic Boutique has EVERYTHING we sell most of in terms of style and price! The rest of the collection has INCREDIBLE uncomplicated versatility! Best rings we've ever had!

· QUALITY/PRICE POINT combo best balance ever I think I may have ordered most of it...yikes :)


· ALL the chic boutique

· Grace cuff & earrings

· Trellis necklace

· Eva/Ava ear jacket earrings

International shipping...

Word is out that this is next on the agenda and will hopefully launch this quarter of the year, which means... We can sell to friends overseas and have the product shipped directly to them AHHHHHHH!!!! This could make a considerable difference to our sales AND make holidays more profitable! Am not sure as yet if it will be just for europe but keeping fingers crossed its everywhere!!


Most of the training was about these nuts and bolts which are at the heart if our business. We all know what's involved BUT no matter whether your simply a stylist who wishes to just sell or a business builder who wants it all, or you're somewhere in between the most efficient way to keep this business rolling smoothly for you is to identify time each week (and this can vary week to week if nec), when you can earmark time specifically for....

· Booking

· Selling

· Sponsoring...conversations!

This is such an essential part of the business - these activities should ideally be happening every week

Whether this is warming people up with emails/posting new catalogues with a note and following up, and/or picking up the phone, this kind of high value activity is the cement your business is built on.

About the Sign Up special offer:

Hopefully you have all noted the January sign up special for potential stylists. If you are speaking to ANYONE about becoming a stylist, missing this sign up offer would be madness. They can essentially get ALL their initial investment back while achieving their jumpstart and making commission. All they need to do is register before the end of Jan, get £75 extra product, get cracking and sell 1000 PQV ((approx. £850) in their first 30 days and S&D will refund their initial investment of £169!!! A NO BRAINER as they say. We have never had such an offer before and not sure if we ever will again.

***ALSO encourage any new January recruits to share the opportunity immediately with their friends so they too can benefit from this incredible offer!


Hostesses in January get an EXTA £40 of product credit on top of the usual hostess rewards. So a party which simply qualifies (£300+) gets the same as a party which sells £500+!!! Even if you can get one or two before the end of the month there will be someone who wants this for sure. Get making your 'who do you know' list. This will include...

· S&D enthusiasts you met over the pre-Christmas season

· People who have voiced an interest in the past

· Past hostesses

· Friends and family

· Colleagues

· Do an online virtual trunk show offering the hostess rewards in a draw from all those who buy through it

· NOW IS THE TIME... particularly with our incredible new collection!

S&D Diary

Please note that S&D are not producing a diary this year so please make sure you get your own to bring to trunk shows for bookings etc or your can print the monthly planner from the stylist lounge.

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· ‘Stella & Dot parties offer ‘Curated Boutiques, NOT high street’

· The botanical style pieces from this collection i.e. Birdie, Melia, Riviera – all include ‘mixed media’ material – Stella McCartney coined the phrase ‘Vegan Leather’ which is essentially Faux leather, apart from the Riviera which is genuine leather – hence £130. They also include Chiffon and hand painted enamel.

· Hostess coaching – essential we all know, but always remember to tell them HOW TO INVITE – the importance of personally inviting their guests NOT just text or social media. IT IS MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE TO TALK TO PEOPLE!

· Make it a habit to give your hostesses the Hostess planner, as it talks about social mixology, but if she is unlikely to read it as many are ALWAYS TALK ABOUT THE TRUNK SHOW AS AN OPPORTUNITY TO MIX YOUR FRIENDS as the jewellery is a great ice breaker, AND ***** IF EVERYONE IS FROM THE SAME SOCIAL GROUP THEY WILL BE MORE LIKELY TO STAND AND CHAT AMONST THEMSELVES ABOUT THEIR SHARED INTEREST (school issues/fitness etc.) THAN LOOK AT THE JEWELLERY. Mixing it up really makes for a better trunk show!!!!

· Always make your booking and sponsoring calls when you are in a good frame of mind – they will hear you smiling down the phone. IF you are enthusiastic they are more likely to be too!

· Make sure you tell your hostesses not to OVER CATER – costly and is often wasted and distracts from the main purpose of the evening/morning!

· ALWAYS remind the hostess that their party is LIVE online as soon as she books and send her the link to share/give her look books and order forms to encourage outside orders. With outside orders she doesn’t need to worry as much about turnout on the day, and is much less likely to cancel!

· GROUP HELLO: It is important to give a summary of the incredible profile of the brand, such as…our design team comprises of designers from De Beers, Cartier, Coach, Kate Spade, and has experienced tremendous success in the last 9 years AND IS NOW LISTED IN FORTUNE 500!!! THIS SIGNIFICANTLY ADDS VALUE TO THE WHOLE S&D EXPERIENCE. Much more than just jewellery!!

· BOOKING TOOL: When speaking to guests at a party BE CONFIDENT…’Let me know what you’d like to buy here tonight and we’ll get you the rest for free when you have your own party!!!!’

· ALWAYS talk about gifting – there are Birthdays year round, mothers day (mothers and daughter parties), valentines day (treat yourself on his behalf OR have a look through the link in advance of the party and get approval from your partner for the piece you’d like to choose on the night AND BRING HIS CREDIT CARD DETAILS – suggest this to your hostess!)

· ALWAYS use the TSEO and a giftable collection tray at check out as possible add ons.

· ALWAYS endeavour to generate at least 1 if not 2 bookings from each show, and ideally 1 new prospective stylist as well

· ‘This business works when you work’!

· ‘The dream is free, the hustle is sold separately’


Please make a note of Hoopla dates BEFORE you book your holdiays this year, but it is before the schools break up so hopefully it will suit every. Without exception EVERYONE who comes to Hoopla benefits!!!

Leader Day for Stars and above 25 June

Hoopla 26-28 June


Jewellery Soiree - Thursday 15th from 9.30 @ Bramblings, TN161ET

Then for stylist meetings every other month at mine mixed in with Denny's (see below!)

However if you feel you would like monthly ones more locally then I can look at dates but I would like some feedback about it please!

Friday 6th Feb - STYLIST meeting @ Bramblings

Friday 27th March @ Bramblings ( as 3rd April is good friday!)

Friday 5th June @ Bramblings

Friday 7th August @ Bramblings

Friday 2nd October @ Bramblings

Friday 4th December @ Bramblings

Denny's dates:

The dates booked are

7th March

2nd May

25th July

5th September

7th November

Flask of tea and coffee with bics and bottled water and to cover all costs Denny will need to charge 6.00 per person ( on the basis she gets 35 people and that gives everyone 2 x cups of coffee)

@ Hilton Basingstoke

Old Common Rd,

Black Dam,


RG21 3PR

This hotel is 5 mins from Junction 6 on the M3 so fabulously accessible!

WOW – I think that is certainly enough for now or I will certainly BORE you all! Please can you get back to me if you would like to book in weekly or bi-weekly calls with me this season. Share you goals with me and I will work with you help make them happen. My day for such coaching calls is monday. Meanwhile….