Carrie Underwood

By Molly Yang

What makes Carrie Underwood well known for.

Carrie Underwood is well known for singing.

Facts that helped Carrie Underwood becoming famous.

  • Carrie had experienced singing in front of large crowds when she was just 3 years old.
  • Her mother drove her a the way to St. Louis, Mississippi to audition for American Idol.
  • She made her way into the first round of American Idol.

Things that help her become famous.

  • School Musical- School musical helped her win her first award and have a lead role.
  • Mother- Her mother help her by driving her to the audition and gave her courage.
  • American Idol- This is where her first step to becoming on singer began.

Facts about Carrie

  1. Carrie was born in Checotah, Oklahoma
  2. She would sing songs in front of her church
  3. She went on American Idol
  4. She won American Idol
  5. Her very first album sold 300,000 in the first week
  6. Carrie won 5 billboard awards

Life lesson

One life lesson I learned in this book was to keep at your dream and another was to try your best even if you failed.

Book and author

Carrie Underwood By: Hal Marcovitz