Stealing Money

By:Dajane Sanders


Dajane was working at McDonald's and a customer came to the order something and she gave him the wrong amount of change back. Kenji (the customer) told her manager about how he did not receive the correct amount of money and the manager fixed the problem.

Decision Making Process

Ethical Dilemma

What is the ethical dilemma ?
  • stealing money

What are the facts of the situation? (at least two)

  • not giving the correct money
  • stealing money out the register

what are the two alternatives and the consequences? (two each)


  1. she gives the customer the wrong amount of change back because she tried to steal the money
  2. the manager found out everythang and she got in trouble


  1. the customer told the manager
  2. the employee lost her job

What decision would you make ?

the decision that i would of made, (let the manager know whats going on so i wouldn't lose my job)

why do you think that's the best decision? when the employee got fired that was the best decision to make because if she do it once she will do it again.