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Welcome Bright & Beautiful June

We hope you have enjoyed the first few days of June! We sure have :)

School is out... the sun is shinning, bedtime has been pushed back a little and the kids are enjoying the summer break! We have a packed summer already. The kids are involved in Vacation Bible School, Sports Camps, Swim lessons and more! Then you can add some vacation on top of that and this summer is sure to fly by quick! ~~ Amanda ~~

We have been enjoying date nights on the patio in this amazing weather! We are looking forward to many more cookouts and family gatherings, isn't Summer just a wonderful time of the year! So much to be THANKFUL for! ~~ Teri ~~

We hope you enjoy some Summer tips and tools we have included in this newsletter! We tried to fill it with summer recipes, travel tips and everything summer! Enjoy :)

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Your Essential Team Workshop

Saturday, June 25th, 9am-1pm

5742 Cloverdale Drive

Galena, OH

More information

Come interact & brainstorm the ESSENTIAL components of Living, Sharing & Building dōTERRA!

RSVP is a must! With your RSVP ticket, you will receive a workshop packet as well as enjoy refreshements and complementary brunch with your oily friends!

Workshop will go from 9-12 and we will have optional open Q&A and personalized time afterwards for anyone that is intersted in connecting with a leader about their team and setting some goals!

TO RSVP click on the link below! See you there!

Join Us in Salt Lake City for the 2016 doTERRA One Global Convention
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Traveling with dōTERRA

I do not know about you... but I never leave my house without my Essential Oils. That means taking them on Vacation! The question just remains, “How do I take my oils with me?” and “How many oils should I bring?” I’ve traveled many times with my oils and want to share some tips!

Can I take essential oils on the plane?

Yup. You sure can. If you check your bags, then this is a non-issue. Just make sure the lids are closed tightly and they are in a well-padded case.

But you love your oils and want to carry them on, right? (duh!) Plus... who knows someone from TSA might have some GI discomfort and swipe your peppermint ;) Just kidding! I take my oils in my carryon EVERY TIME and never have a problem! I follow the TSA guidelines and I’ve been good. However, you might get a few questions from interested people. Have some samples ready or keep your business cards on hand ;) We are all about sharing the essential oil love right?

The TSA allows us to carry liquids on board a plane. Remember the 3-1-1 rule. Containers must hold 3 ounces or less and must be stored in 1 closed ziploc bag that is 1 quart or smaller (be sure and and check out for more info). And, remember, ALL of your liquids have to be in this ziplock bag including shampoo, lotions, etc. To be safe, I say pack your oils in the clear quart bag. That being said, I have always carried mine in my oil case and just put the entire thing in my carryon without a issue. I do put my DIY hand sanitizer and any other liquids or lotions in my quart bag!

Do airport x-ray scanners impact essential oils?

Great question! This is something that I wondered myself. I’m not a fan of x-ray machines but, if you are flying, they are a necessary evil. From the research I've gathered online, I determined that x-ray machines do not impact the quality or chemical constituency of essential oils.

Dr. Robert Pappas, essential oil chemist and founder of Essential Oil University, was specifically asked if x-ray scanners impacted the quality of essential oils and he replied that they did not.

Essential Oils & The Summer Heat

If you are traveling in a car for Vacation this summer (or even in your day to day running around). Do not store your Essential Oils in the heat or a hot car. Keep them in your purse when you are running around. The heat can break down the quality of the oil.

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What is doTERRA LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program)?

Happy June!

We are so blessed to have gotten to know most of you! Our lives are forever changed because of these amazing Essential Oils! If you ever think you want to get any information about sharing these oils with others, or would like to host a class, connect with one of us! We would love to help you :)


Teri & Amanda

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