How to be Safe Online

By Mallie Spicer

This includes how to protect your Identity online, and the importance of a good Digital Footprint.

To protect your identity online, here are the three major rules: Don't meet up with strangers, don't tell any personal info, and don't join social networks if you're under the age restrictions. If you meet anyone online, and you think they may be your friend, it's okay to talk with them online, but don't meet up with them, even if the profile pic shows a young girl or boy about your age, because they could get that off the internet, and once you meet up.. They may not be who you think they were.. Also, if you give out any personal info, they can track you or your friends down, and that's never good, because if they are stalkers, or creepers, then you don't really want them coming to your house.. Do you? And finally, never join any social networks, or try to, if you're under the age restrictions, because if you get past the limits, then you are exposed to teens and adults, with inappropriate posts, words, or anything else, and also, it sends an email straight to your parent, because you shouldn't have am email if you're in a grade lower than grade 6. Soon you could get in trouble, and then that will leave a digital footprint. What's a digital footprint, you ask? A digital footprint can be very bad, or good, depending on what web browsers you go on, pictures you post, and comments you type. It is a big web of data that you can know about, or not know about, and if you don't know about something, and future employers see it.. Good luck getting a good job. Because the Earth's technology is evolving fast, soon we will rely on it to keep us alive. And with a bad digital footprint, and us relying on technology... Good luck with those feet!

There's lots of Good and Bad things when it comes to technology, but recently, there's lots of Bad things... Why?

Some good things in technology, is we have gone to space, out of our world, we fly, we swim in the deepest oceans.. we float on water in 100 pound boats! We have made cars that travel 300 km per hour! And Trains that go faster! Think that was just brain power? NO! It was the power of technology! Humans have thrived, but now, it seems like we're sinking in our own waste. Sure, technology is amazing, but it's allowing us to bully better, to pollute our Earth more, to distract us in class, in lessons, and sure, technology is awesome, we can talk, play, travel with it.. But ever think what goes in there? To make it so great? Oil. Chemicals. Toxins... Everything that will kill us in the end. It's sucking our money, making us lazier, and soon, with all the mining, cutting, trashing our Earth to get our precious resources.. In 50 years we'll be dead, but with our chemicals stuck in our technology, when our bodies are there, dead from all the carbon, and deadly gasses in the air, the only thing left in our hands will be our technology.

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This is a short news article, relating to online safety.

Writer: Mallie Spicer

Photographer: Mallie Spicer