Development Theories

Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Different Ways to Learn

Howard Gardner has identified seven distinct ways of learning. Each individual child has a mind that works differently than someone else. This means they learn, perform, remember, and understand in different ways. We are all able to know the world through each of these ways, but where we differ is the strength of these intelligences.

The Seven Intelligences

Visual- taught through drawings, think in terms of physical space, aware of their environment, puzzles, read maps, daydream, multimediaBody- taught through physical activity, body awareness, like to make things, hands-on learningMusic- taughht by turning lessons into lyrics, shows sensitivity to ryhthmInterpersonal- taught through group activites or seminars, many friends, empathy for others, interactionIntrapersonal- taught by independent learning, tend to shy away from others, strong-willed, confidenceLinguistic- can be taught by encouraging them to say and see words, reading together, like reading, writing poetryLogical- taught through logic games, like to experiment, solve puzzles, need to learn and form concepts before finding details