Anthro cats dogs and birds

Friendly beasts

My fluffy family!

I'm part of a animal community often labeled as furries. We are known for our cosplay known as fursuiting.My biggest dream is going to anthro con it's like comic con. I have a fursona her name is Trigs she is one af my favorite characters. We also have a big art style it has several types actually. It ranges from cartoon like to realistic. I'm a cartoon like artist.

We actually make our fursonas based off of how we'd like to act. In real life were often the shyest people. Often there sort of like alter egos. I found this community surfing the Internet more specifically eBay. I saw this fursuit so I went to google and searched it up. I found out more. I eventually stumbled onto fursonas and I made Trigs.

Why this is a fun family

We are a family like community.

This big fluffy family accepts anyone! We're kind loving and fun. Our handshakes are actually hugs not the usual high five. We all have many odd personalities. We love to see new friends.