A Bioagraphy About Me

By Aryan Graul

The Story Behind My Name, Age, and Summer

My name is Aryan Michael Graul Jr. I don't have much of a story behind my name, all I know is that my dad wanted a son with the same name as him so BAM! Here I am. I'm am 15 soon to be 16 years old on December 17th.

This summer wasn't really all that interesting since I had summer school the majority of the time.

Reading of Pennyslvania

Some More Things You Should Know About Me

My Personal Preffrences

Hobbies/Interests would be a couple things. I'm really into gaming, (like most guys,) But mostly I really enjoying rocking out on my guitars. I've been playing for 2 years now and I mostly play the heavy stuff that no one can seem to get into. I also like to take some semi professional looking Instagram photo's. I even have an OG username and all. I don't really like to read either, I haven't read a book for almost a year now. I've just started attending palcs the last couple months of last year. My tech skills aren't to great, I'm always having trouble finding my way around the web because I do most of my internet surfing on my cell phone. I don't even have my own laptop or desktop to do most surfing on.