William Stoughton Leads The Trials

Salem Witch trials

About William Stoughton

In the time of the Salem Witch trials, there was a magistrate who played one of the biggest roles. His name was William Stoughton. He was 71 years of age and had long gray hair that went to his shoulders. William Stoughton inherited lots of land and money from his parents who lived in England where William was born. This took place in Salem village which was one of the first cities in America and the date was 1692-1693.

The reasons why he did it

Williams Role In The Trials

William Stoughton was once the mayor of Massachusetts and after a while he did his time as mayor he then became the magistrate, or judge of, oyer and terminer. It was said he was an accuser who accused almost everybody new to the village. People said the way he would convince people or the villagers, was that he would use spectral evidence to persuade people that the accused was a witch. As an example of one he accused someone of saying he saw them in a dream go to a gathering of witches, or wizards. He stopped accusing people after Cotton Mather said he couldn’t use spectral evidence anymore because Cotton Mather said he needed real proof that he could show to everybody so that they knew he wasn’t lying. After he couldn’t use spectral evidence anymore he didn’t accuse anyone.

What Happened To William

After the trials, he Wouldn’t apologize for all of the false accusations that he did because he thought what he did was right and that he was never wrong. But he was still forced to leave the town and he wasn’t allowed back in. A few years later William Stoughton ended dying at the age of 69 1631-1701. He will be known in that city for all of the deaths he’s caused and everything he has done. He is one of the most famous people in that city and is known really well to this date and no one will ever forget what he has done.