Mrs. Macchia's First Grade Class

Week September 5th, 2022


I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday weekend.

Thank you for all our your help and support, I know this is going to be a great year. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

This Week:


Students will actively listen to stories and to others. Students will practice good communication techniques in order to express their thoughts, feelings, and show comprehension.


Throughout the week we will read many books. Here are a few books we will read this week.
[Read Aloud] Suki's Kimono
Ralph Tells a Story by Abby Hanlon - Read Aloud

Sight Words

First graders need to know an assortment of sight words in order to help them read. By the end of the school year, our students should know the 1st 100 Fry sight words.

This week we are focusing on the words: and, look, mom, dad, he, she, they.

Big picture

Phonics and Grammar

We will be reviewing letter names and sounds that we learned in Kindergarten and moving beyond the basic sounds to include digraphs, trigraphs, blends, and so much more. This week we are focusing on the letter S, suffix -s, and blends.

We will also discuss alliteration (words that start with the same sound) and rhyming words.

ABC Fun | Alphabet Letters and Sounds | Science of Reading | Phonics Song | EduTunes With Miss Jenny
Onset and Rime

Handwriting and Writing

Everyone will be receiving a Path of Motion paper explaining the best way to form the letters. When you are practicing with your children, please use this as a reference to help your child form their letters properly.

We have a handwriting book that we will be working in and each child will have a journal to write in.


This week in math we are adding and subtracting numbers

We will also compose 10 using 2 or more addends.

Adding Number (Up to 20) - 1st Grade Math (1.OA.2)

Social Studies

Students will learn that rules and laws are established to provide security and manage conflict.


This week we will continue sorting objects by shape, size, and weight.
Sorting One Group in Different Ways | Sorting & Matching Games for Kids | Kids Academy