Best book of 2013

From the end of 2012 to the beginning of 2014

IT by Stephen King

The book is creepy and will make anybody who reads it want to sleep with the light on. Stephen King makes you never want to put the book down, IT makes the reader need to turn the page. This book should be read during the day because at night it is impossible not to think that Pennywise, the scary clown, might be looking at you from just outside your window.

Written by Stephen King

Stephen King is a spectacular writer and has written many great and scary books. What makes him even cooler is that he is from Bangor, Maine which is really close to Yarmouth. The fact that he took all of the stuff that surrounded him and put it in the book makes it even more believable that creatures of the night could be living just beneath your feet.

Out of the many main characters in this book these are the three most interesting ones.